Estate Sales


An estate sale’s main objective is the orderly liquidation of personal property in a relatively short period of time for the highest proceeds possible. The concept is pretty straightforward, yet without one of our professional estate appraisers on site, the process can be laden with significant emotional trauma, difficult  logistical challenges and crucial deadlines.

Closing a home or business can be exhausting and even traumatic. We strive to minimize our clients’ stress throughout the entire process.

We’re  experts in managing estate liquidations, and offer efficient, professional services without forgetting the needs of our clients.

Your home need not be filled with antiques, artwork, vintage automobiles, rare firearms, fine jewelry and other expensive assets in order for a sale to be successful. We routinely liquidate estates of all types and sizes.

No death need have occurred, either.  We often work for those who just wish to downsize.  We also work for those who are moving, couples who are divorcing, businesses that are liquidating, etc.

The process begins with a complimentary consultation in which we come and view the property in question. At this time, we also discuss any special needs you may have. (We recognize that each situation is unique.)

Our commission, something usually set in the initial consultation, is based upon what we estimate the gross sales will be and how much work must be done in order for your sale to be successful.  (N.b.: We may quote lower commissions on particular items — e.g., motorcycles, higher end automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, farm implements, and other exceptionally high ticket items.)


Once we sign a contract that outlines our basic duties and expectations, we work patiently and efficiently. We clean, organize and display all items in the home.

If no security system exists on site (and we deem one necessary), we have a traveling, satellite-linked security system, complete with glass break monitors and full room motion detectors — all at no extra cost to you, our client. 

We separate household trash from merchandise to be sold. (There’s no need for you to do this beforehand. We do the work for you!
In fact, we even go so far as to ask that you throw absolutely nothing away until we’ve had a chance to see the estate in its entirety.
You’d be amazed to see what some folks put into the garbage can!)

We price all items to be sold based upon our many years of experience as professional estate appraisers and liquidators, as well as our knowledge of current market comparables.

Should an outside expert be needed for consultation during the research/pricing process (e.g., with large gems, certain firearms, coins and stamps etc.), we take care of matters quickly and discreetly.

We provide and set up shelving, lighting, mirrors, drapes, tables, locked and lighted showcases, risers, clothing racks, jewelry trays, cash registers and all other necessary equipment.

We obtain any and all necessary municipal and/or HOA permit(s) for your sale.

We send out e-mail notifications about the upcoming sale to the many, many thousands of customers already in our database.
(We even use a professional e-mail delivery service that guarantees a 98.9 to 100% deliverability rate!) 

We create, place and pay for advertising in the most appropriate local newspaper(s).

We advertise on both and to notify customers who aren’t already on our regular e-mail list,
and (through, we even advertise our sales in both Tulsa and north Texas. 

We mark steps and other potential hazards in both Spanish and English, and cordon off any dangerous areas of the property used.  We also place professionally made “no entry” signs that are worded in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese on all areas that won’t be open to the public.

Our friendly and reliable staff waits on each and every customer on sale day(s).

We accept credit cards, and “eat” any applicable fees. (We don’t charge these fees back to the consumer, nor to you.)

We provide boxes, bags and wrapping materials for customers on sale day(s).

We collect all information required by the local District Attorney on checks written.
We alone are responsible for any bad checks written during the sale itself.

We can arrange for charity pick-ups and/or buy-out brokers after your sale, else you can choose to keep everything.
(Most clients choose to do a “walk-through” at the close of the sale itself, whether in person or by Skype.)

If there (and this is rare) are very high-end items left over, we can even help you place them into the appropriate out-of-state auction.

We’ll work with your realtor to expedite the sale of your home.
(Why pass up free marketing for your largest asset?

We’re happy to provide you with top rate professional referrals for everything from realty to mortgage services to plumbing.
(We may even refer other professional liquidators or auctioneers as needed!)

It all boils down to this: we work for YOU, the client, and strive to make you as much money as possible in as short a time as possible.

Our commissions are competitive; our service is comprehensive.


Under no circumstances do we hire dealers.

We do not sell, rent, nor divulge our mailing list.

We don’t conduct dealer previews before our sales, although we once did.
(And have regretted as much on several occasions!)

We don’t own a shop nor rent booth space anywhere, nor do we sell online.

In short, we don’t compete against our clients’ best interests.

Your trust, privacy and peace of mind are of paramount importance to us.